Presentation Descriptions

What’s Holding You Back: Breaking Out of the Glass Box
Chief Beth Johnson | Novato Police Department

“That thing that makes you ‘not fit in,’ be proud of it. Nurture it. Because that’s your extra in the ordinary.” – author unknown.

Finding and nurturing your extra can be challenging, especially in law enforcement. Conformity and uniformity are deeply rooted values in our para-military culture, but they inhibit our innovative confidence and limit opportunities for sharing diverse perspectives and experiences. Trying to fit in, fit a pre-existing mold, sometimes means hiding or sacrificing the best parts of you.

Suddenly you realize you’re isolated in a glass box. But you don’t have to be! Through her personal story, Chief Beth Johnson will share the journey that led her to find the hammer she needed to break out of the glass box.

As leaders, at every level, we can create and foster a culture of inclusive thought in which ourselves, our employees, and our coworkers feel the freedom to be our authentic selves by valuing the qualities that make us unique. Through the power of mentoring and coaching, we can identify, embrace, and celebrate our diverse qualities and perspectives so we can not just succeed but flourish and thrive.

Get ready to set a deliberate mindset, discover your value, find your cheerleaders, and drown out the distracting noise. It’s time to find your hammer, shatter the glass box holding you back, and let your extra shine in the ordinary!

Emotional Survival: Will you make it to RETIREMENT

Deputy Chief Carolyn Huynh | New Mexico State Police

Controlling the Mind & the Machine

Eric Gaines | TacMobility

I’m Not Crazy, I Have a Brain Injury! Destigmatizing a Mental Health Diagnosis

Retired Captain Marcia Johnson | Arizona Department of Public Safety

No one is immune from injury – Leaders need to take care of their people and take care of themselves. In this session, we will discuss my path from the start of an exciting career to the recovery process from PTSD.

Over 20 years, layered with my roles of a wife of a police officer, a mom of two medically challenged children, and the continuous cumulative trauma found within assignments, promotions, and peer support work. Throughout the years, I have taught Law Enforcement Stress Management to police academy cadets but failed to follow my own advice.

I served police executives reeling from the loss of one of their officers, getting them through the funeral and beyond. The stress lurking below the surface was easy enough to control until July of 2018, when I lost a Trooper under my command.

Suddenly I became the very thing that I had been teaching and supporting my entire career. We will take a look at my actual brain scans and discuss the science of visible damage associated with traumatic injuries.

Trauma is real. Injuries are real. You aren’t crazy!

Women in Command: Excelling as a Female Leader

Retired Major Donna Kinsey | Caliber Press

Women in Command is an energetic and interactive two-day course conceived, constructed, and taught by successful female law enforcement executives. Being a female leader in a male-dominated profession has its own distinct set of challenges, and leading in today’s climate has created more obstacles than ever before. Female leaders have unique ideas, insight, and solutions that make them invaluable. We will discuss the need for more gender diversity in order to solve the problems in their communities at large.

Designed to help leaders maintain a professional, positive, and inspiring climate, this program will offer examples of the traits and skill sets of proven, successful leaders and accomplished agencies. This course features lively, engaging discussions in an open forum populated by current and future women law enforcement leaders. This class is suitable for both sworn and non-sworn personnel.

Course topics include:
∙ Leadership Qualities Unique to Women
∙ Maintaining an Effective Organized Culture
∙ Diversity in Leadership; Decision Making and Problem Solving
∙ Mentoring and Leading by Example
∙ Learning from Successful Female Leaders
∙ Building your Credibility
∙ Self-Examination